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Electronic cigarettes have really caught the fancy of many users who are looking to quit the deadly habit of smoking. Among all the present electronic cigarette companies, skycig electronic cigarette is one of the most prominent ones. Currently skycig electronic cigarette is the best seller in the UK and it’s not without any reason. Let’s look at the different aspects of skycig electronic cigarette and try to comprehend what makes it such a preferable option over the traditional cigarette.

To start with, the overall appearance of the skycig electronic cigarette, including its size and shape, is just same as the traditional cigarette. This can be the best reason for the popularity of skycig electronic cigarette. Since the researchers have found that the main reason behind the failure of so many quit smoking programs is that most of the people could not find the right substitute for the traditional cigarette. The other substitutes that are available under the nicotine replacement therapy, such as gums and patches, just fail to provide the real feel of the traditional cigarette. This is where skycig electronic cigarette comes into the picture.

Up till now researchers tend to believe that we feel the urge to smoke for getting just the nicotine fix. So they come up with all the fancy things under nicotine replacement therapy, but soon realised that apart from the nicotine, our brain also craves for something else, and that’s urging to hold the traditional cigarette and experience its feel. Skycig electronic cigarette precisely provides you that with a lot of other enhancements. Although, there are many brands of electronic cigarette are available in the market, but the Skycig electronic cigarette is leaps and bounds ahead of all of these when it comes to the quality and features of the product.

When you buy skycig electronic cigarette, you will get a rechargeable carry case that has the capacity to hold 5 electronic cigarettes along with the batteries and refillable nicotine cartridges. You will get a spare battery along with the main one and also get five flavours of cartomizer refills and 2 chargers, one for the main supply and the other one for USB as a part of the travel case. The working of skycig electronic cigarette is pretty simple, and the main purpose of the device is to provide you the nicotine fix in the healthiest way possible, without burning your lungs to death. Skycig electronic cigarette uses nicotine vapour instead of regular smoke of the traditional cigarette. This way you will get the instant hit and you can safely put your cigarette cravings to rest.

Skycig electronic cigarette comes in various flavours; you can try a different flavour every time you use them. So there is no way you can be bored from skycig electronic cigarette. Second advantage is that you can smoke according to your capacity, the refillable nicotine cartridges that you get with skycig electronic cigarette come in different strengths, so you can get one that fits your smoking needs well. If you consider these things, it’s even better than traditional cigarettes. The amazing part is that skycig electronic cigarette kits are 75% cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Now this makes it a deal that’s too hard to resist.

The Best Electronic Cigarette UK
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With today’s health concerns about smoking, electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. Skycig is one of the leading electronic cigarettes in the UK. Before you switch to an electronic cigarette you need to try the taste of Skycig, as they are the best tasting ecigs we have tested for 2013. The most realistic ecigarette.

Skycig, E-Lites and Intellicig are the main 3 UK ecig brands, all of their latest 2013 models are outstanding, Skycig has a very realistic taste, better than anything you can get the on the high street and highly recommended.

What are the other top rated UK ecig brands?

Skycig does contain nicotine, electronic cigarettes reduce the harmful effects of tobacco and chemical found in traditional cigarettes. Skycig information does says that it is not a substitute nor as beneficial as quitting smoking entirely, but they are a tremendous improvement for your health and they now have non nicotine versions available.

Skycig states that it can also help you to quit smoking by helping you to manage your tobacco usage and gradually wean off of your nicotine habit entirely. Skycig information by no means tells you to take up smoking electronic cigarettes because it is healthy, but it does remind you that if you are already addicted to cigarettes, nicotine, and tobacco, eliminating some of these toxins from smoking cigarettes switching to electronic cigarettes can greatly improve your health over continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes.

Besides the health benefits, switching to skycig helps reduce offensive odors and secondhand smoke caused by smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes act by blending water vapor with nicotine, and you inhale this instead of tobacco smoke. Because of this, skycigs are odorless and less offensive than traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes also cause less damage to your home and appearance. With sky cigs, you do not have to worry about the smell of smoke seeping into your hair and clothes, and your furniture. You also do not have to worry about skycigs causing nicotine stains on your fingers, teeth, ceilings and walls.
Skycig information also indicates that choosing electronic cigarettes is a greener, cleaner alternative. Electronic cigarettes are either rechargeable or battery powered, and their replace cartridges can equal multiple packs of cigarettes. This means that electronic cigarettes significantly cut down on environmental impact from packaging waste, and litter from tossed cigarette butts. Because they utilize water vapor instead of burning tobacco, skycigs actually produce less air pollution.

Skycigs are just as satisfying as a traditional tobacco cigarette. They are very similar to traditional cigarettes in appearance and the way the water vapor is inhaled, so you really get the illusion that you are smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, even though you are switching to a healthier alternative. This can be very helpful to people who have tried to quit smoking in the past and failed because the habit and act of smoking was so engrained.
If you would like more skycig information, the company does maintain an online blog, where you can research and review skycig information for yourself.

SKYCIGElectronicCigarette Review

​From the time electronic cigarette was introduced, Skycig electronic cigarette has been the leading brand available in the market industry. Not long ago, the company has made known their up to date two piece electronic cigarette technology that has flavors and cartomizer that does good compared to other e-cig they have assessed. The long standing Skycig is much more proficient than other than brands, yet the modern Skycig is more efficient than the previous one. For you to know the difference, reading a Skycig electronic review will help you learn why this brand of e-cig is a best buy.

Compared to traditional tobacco cigarette, Skycig e-cig is healthier and safer to smoke. This is the best way of getting rid of the typical routine of burning tobacco cigarette. Skycig electronic cigarette is famous in the UK and it was produced by a reputable company. Through the Skycig electronic cigarette review, you will find out that out of almost all unsafe elements and chemicals that you get in typical tobacco cigarette, Skycig E-cig only contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance that you can find in every cigarette. Once you take a look at the sales of various brands of electronic cigarette, Skycig still maintains its top position.

In this Skycig electronic cigarette review, you will know that compared to other types of cigarette, Skycig starter kit has the whole thing which a person will need. Its manufacturer provides to their clients a one month warranty period. They are also giving and accepting a one hundred percent refund once you are not contented with their provided product. However, this warranty is only applicable within one month after you purchased the product. Reading Skycig electronic cigarette review will also help you to choose your desired flavor such as menthol, Marlboro, vanilla, tobacco and cherry.

Regardless of its equipment and style, the starter kit already contains 5 electronic cigarette batteries as well as refill cartridges, 2 electronic cigarette batteries , five cartomizer refills and each flavor is equivalent to 150 cigarette or more, and 2 battery chargers and a USB charger. You can find these inside the starter kit that comes in a very reasonable price. Aside from the product, the company also provides customer assistance. In case you have any query about the product, you can call their customer service with staff that always there to guide you anytime and any day. Skycig electronic cigarette reviews are helpful to determine whether the products are permissible to be smoked in a public area as well as on airplanes.

The impression of bringing damage to others through smoking a typical cigarette will never be a worry to everybody once you smoked this kind of cigarette, according to Skycig electronic cigarette review. You do not just obtain a 75% payback of your cash but you will also avoid the spreading of toxic gas which is produced by traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you want to purchase and experience the pleasure of Skycig E-cig, worry no more because the company provides a thirty day trial.

The company offers assurances to their customer about the product. With the development in their E-cig, the money that you’re going to spend on buying this product will definitely be worth it. The Skycig electronic cigarette review will assist you about your questions regarding the electronic cigarette.

Skycig Freedom Kit
Technology has already revolutionized almost everything in the world today. In fact, its influence is also evident on cigarettes because of the presence of electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigs. One of the most popular and well-loved e-cig brands out in the market today is Skycig, which is manufactured in the United Kingdom. To ensure that it will live up to the expectations of customers all over the world, the manufacturer ensures that it meets the highest factory standards. It also comes loaded with top of the range features, making it a must-have for those who love smoke.

If you would like to give this e-cig a try, the Skycig Freedom kit can be your perfect choice. It comes with 2 long-lasting batteries, push to charge technology, more vapour for an enhanced smoking experience, slim charging pack, 5 flavour cartridge refills that are equal to 150 traditional tobacco.

The Skycig Freedom kit batteries provide extended battery life, thus you can enjoy a longer smoking experience. These are designed in the very same laboratories utilized by Samsung and Apple, so they are fully optimized for maximum production of vapour.
This kit also comes with a high quality adaptor that lets you charge the Skycig case via Mac or PC and plug in into any United Kingdom wall socket. With several charging options available, you will be able to conveniently charge the Freedom case anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can also use this adaptor with the USB stick charger.

Skycig Freedom kit also prides its slim and sleek charging case that enables you to charge the Freedom battery up to 4 times just before it needs to be charged. It features 2 red indicator lights, has a USB charging cable and can store up to 3 flavor cartridges. A sampler sleeve of 5 various flavor catridges refills are also available. Every cartridge is capable to generate sumptuous e-cig vapour, thus taking your smoking experience to the next level. You can have a chance to sample Crown Cherry, Crown Menthol, Crown Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Classic Tobacco flavours.

Another great thing about the Skycig Freedom kit is that it comes complete with a sleek travel case, which is ideal for storing all the Skycig Freedom accessories in just one place. Thus, you will literally have the freedom to smoke no matter where you are in the globe. Included within the case is a moulded foam insert that is designed to shield the case on the move. When it comes to its durability, you don’t have anything to worry about because it is created to perfection.

Who says that smoking has limits? When you purchase Skycig Freedom kit, you can satisfy your cravings for cigarette anytime, anywhere. It comes complete with all the things that will give you the best of both worlds—convenience and satisfaction. To save on your purchase, you can hunt for the best discount codes available in the online world today. Why don’t you look for them now to get the Skycig Freedom kit instantly?

skycig info Skycig 2013
SKYCIG FREEDOM ElectronicCigarette
SKYCIG Information​
We tested Skycig Freedom as soon as it came out and we were seriously impressed, the battery is now cutting edge, performance has increased and vapour production is now the best of any UK electronic cigarette brand. You must get this starter kit!

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